COTFG at The Resonant Lung

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  • Thursday, December 14 at 7pm - 10pm

Join us for an evening of intimate performances in the The Resonant Lung, located in Dimension Gallery between 7pm and 10pm on Thursday, December 14th

The Resonant Lung Concert Series is very excited to co-present this very special evening of sound with COTFG! The performers will alternate between amplified works of synthesis and acoustic presentations on the organ pipes.

The Resonant Lung is a sculpted sound chamber, containing active portions of a 1930’s pipe organ. It is an experiential sound installation and a micro-venue at the same time, part bastard-organ and part intimate listening room. The organ pipes use their original valves that are now controlled at a digital interface. The Resonant Lung Concert Series seeks to present engaging musicians and sound artists, working with the pipes or just with the space in this very contained environment.

Colin McIntyre is a visual artist who has made a recent turn back into working with sound after a long hiatus. His work has long focused on producing sculpture, primarily with metal. Sound has always been a major interest and inspiration, but only in the last few years has he come back to focused experiments with audible structures. His interests are in sound, as it affects the mind and the body, and the psychoacoustic nuances of sound in containment.

Thomas Fang returns for his first Austin performance since relocating to Portland in 2015, using a modular synthesizer to weave reverberating textural drones with granular fractured alien glitches. After exploring the uses of vintage laboratory test equipment, handmade devices, field recordings, radio transmissions, and circuit-bent electronics, a decade of experience working for synth manufacturers has led him to embrace the newest hardware while still allowing chaotic and aleatoric forces to guide creative processes.

Curved Light is the audio-visual project of Peter Tran and Deirdre Smith, utilizing the modular synthesizer for both sound and vision. Their compositions and performances move fluidly between styles and moods – from soaring harmonies to tight, beat-driven sequences, serene imagery to synth abstraction and noise. They aim to absorb audiences in full sensory, cinematic experiences that explore the dualities of order and chaos, action and automation, permanence and the ephemeral.

R. Lee Dockery contorts sounds made by other people, static places, hollow expanses and by applying force and pressure to malleable sound sources. Lee has released albums on Marmara Records, Astral Spirits and No Kings.

Sean O’Neill will perform a piece comprised of field recordings, sine generators, and organ, with interest in the acoustic variations of the structure as articulated through the unique characteristics of the signals generated. Sean is multi-media artist, who explores both the visible light spectrum and the audible frequency range to determine how they influence our lived environments, and vice versa; he has a stated interest in how perception shapes the dynamics of spatiality.

Admission is $5-$15 Suggested donation

This project is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Growth & Redevelopment Services Office/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.