Colin McIntyre – Sculptor | CV


Metal Sculptor
810 E. 13th St. • Austin, TX • 78702
(512) 479-9941


Forging hot metal presents a beautiful moment of spontaneous artistic creation; the forms and objects that result are perfect records of the event.  Every hammer blow, every physical manipulation is frozen into the metal, transforming it even further from its elemental stone origin.  I imbue a semblance of life in the medium that contrasts with its cold rigidity.  Many of my pieces depict plant-life and organisms that may seem both alien and familiar at the same time.   My imagined life forms stand as a counterpoint to taxonomy, our attempt to categorize and quantify life on earth.  Each one might be a new species of its own, bearing features that seem familiar from existing species combined in unusual contexts. My monumental sculptures carry a strong sense of place.  They start out deeply informed by the site and gradually the site grows to be informed by the artwork.  These works become key elements in the identity of the place for which they are designed, creating beauty and harmony.


Maestro Maximo Velasquez, Master Coppersmith 2014
Copper Forging Workshop

Bob Weaver, Master Jeweler 2013 – 2011
Silver/Goldsmithing Mentorship

Wendel Broussard, Master Blacksmith 2002
Repoussage Workshop (traditional artistic sheet metal forming)

Austin Community College 2000 – 2006
Welding Technology/Art Metals Department

Dr. Joe Smith, Sculptor 1995 – 1996
Sculptor Apprenticeship


University Hills Library 2016
Selected Artist, Budget: $55,000

Art on the Llano TxDOT 2-year Installation of Emergence 2015
Selected Artist, Budget: $4,000

Austin Police Department Mounted Patrol Facility 2014
Selected Alternate, Budget: $53,000

Fresno Water Tower for the Fresno Housing Authority 2014
Finalist, Budget: $40,000

Arboreal Passage, Austin Nature & Science Center 2011
Selected Artist, Budget: $35,000

Emergence, Seed Grant by AIPP in conjunction with the Texas Biennial 2009
Selected Artist, Budget: $8,000

EMS Station #33 Mueller Public Art Project 2009
Selected Alternate, Budget: $40,000

Austin DAA Congress bike lock up sculpture 2008
Runner Up, Budget: $10,000


City of Austin Cultural Arts Capacity Building Award 2016
Dimension Gallery Curator 2016
City of Austin Cultural Arts Award 2015
Big Medium Select Event of EAST Austin Studio Tour 2015
City of Austin Cultural Arts Award 2015
Big Medium Select Event of WEST Austin Studio Tour 2015
Black Rock City Temporary Sculpture Exhibition Grant 2015
ABE Foundation Exhibition Grant 2015
Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award 2007


“Force, Fuse, Flower: Colin McIntyre’s ‘Circumnutation’” – Austin Chronicle 2016
“New Gallery Adds Unique Dimension to Growing East Austin Arts Scene” – Culture Map 2016
“Left Behind: Some Thoughts on Colin McIntyre’s Breath” – Art and Arnold 2015
“Forager” – Texas Architect Magazine 2015
“Shrine of Inevitable Forces” – Austin Chronicle 2015
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“Shrine of Inevitable Forces” – 2015
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“City of Austin to unveil Arboreal Passage, wants your Asian rocks” – Glasstire 2012
“Arboreal Passage” – Public Art Achive and 2011
“Houston Center for Contemporary Craft gets manly with metalwork exhibit” – Culture Map 2010
“Emergency by Colin McIntyre” – Houston Center for Contemporary Craft 2010
“The list is here! Texas Biennialists 2009” – Glasstire 2008


Circumnutation, Dimension Gallery, Austin, Tx 2016
Last Depot Before Desolation, The Depot, Austin, TX 2016
Shrine of Inevitable Forces, Gibson Gallery, Austin, TX 2015
Nite Lite Big Ass Canvas Gallery, Austin, TX 2015
I, Daughter of Kong Co-Lab Gallery, Austin, TX 2014
Diversatile, Brazos Valley Art League, College Station, TX 2013
Swallow, Austin Metal Authority, TX 2012
Myth of Sisyphus, Club de Ville, Austin, TX 2012
Automata, Ogden Museum, New Orleans, LA 2011
People’s Gallery, Austin City Hall 2011
TUMULT – Museum of Vordingborg, Denmark 2010
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft 2010
People’s Gallery, Austin City Hall, TX 2010
Texas Biennial, Austin, TX 2009
Paraphernalia – Pump Project Gallery, Austin, TX 2008
Maker Faire – Austin, TX 2007-2008
East Austin Studio Tour 2006-2013
Texas Metal Arts Festival, Gruene, TX 2006
Anvil Art – Houston Center for Contemporary Craft 2005
Anvil Art – Design Center of Austin 2005
Metalamongus 2 – Design Center of Austin 2004
Contemporary Metalwork – Design Center of Austin 2004
Metalamongus – Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX 2003
Austin Coalition for the Arts, Austin, TX 2000
Censorship – A New Leaf Gallery, Berkeley, CA 1999


Dimension Gallery Fellowship Award 2016 Oxidize Metal Gallery, Austin, TX 2015
The Contemporary Artist Membership 2014 – present
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX 2010 – 2015
Sloan Miyasato, San Francisco, CA 2008 – 2013
Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America 2001 – present
Balcones Forge Blacksmith Group 2000 – present
International Sculpture Center 1996 – present