Colin McIntyre – Sculptor | Shrine of Inevitable Forces

Shrine of Inevitable Forces

Shrine of Inevitable Forces is a reflection on transformation in the physical world.  The works represent the responses in materials to elemental, mechanical, and biological forces.  The reluctance to conform is clearly visible in the graceful topology of the works in both steel and wood.

Ligneous Currents is a series made from buckled maple flooring out of an abandoned 1930’s industrial warehouse in Michigan.  The elegant warping happened gradually through decades of disuse and exposure to elemental forces.  The wood was subjected to water slowly enough to cause deformation without decomposition.  These formidable works resemble the rolling waves of the ocean frozen in tongue and groove wood.

The Hexobelisks are forged by selective hydraulic deformation of steel tubing. Using mechanical force to stress steel to the point of failure, harmonious forms result from the destructive process.  The crumple patterns display a complex set of relationships between the strength of the material and the originating shape.

The Organism Series consists of imagined life forms with differing morphology.  They signify the biological forces of decomposition, both bacterial and fungal. This powerful function within the ecosystem is a key process of freeing up nutrients and raw elements to be recirculated.

This reforming, rearrangement, and recirculation comprise the fundamental components in Shrine of Inevitable Forces.